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Natural Traditional African Black Soap

Black Soap, also known as African Black Soap (Anago Soap, Alata Simena,or Ose Dudu), has long been used to heal problem skin. Its good for thinning fine lines, evening out dark spots, eczema, razor bumps and eliminating blemishes. It is also used to lightly exfoliate and give you healthier looking skin.

Organic Burkina Faso Shea Butter

Shea Butter, also known as karite butter, is a cream-colored fatty substance made from the nuts of karite nut trees (also called Mangifolia trees) that grow in the savannah regions of West and Central Africa.

Canadian Ginseng

Canadian Ginseng contains a number of active ingredients including saponins (also called ginsenosides), sugars, amino acids, vitamins and minerals.



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